Win on BC.GAME’s World Cup Carnival up to $2.1M and a brand new Tesla as Prizes!

Now that World Cup 2022 has begun, BC.GAME, the year’s best cryptocurrency betting website, has a number of surprises for its users. Coco’s carnival special is a dedicated hub for BC.GAME’s sports betting and World Cup fanbases.

For the first time ever, this year’s World Cup will be held in the Middle East, featuring 64 matches spread across different cities in Qatar. BC.GAME is offering incentives to football fans who share their opinions by voting for their favorite teams, players, and games. One lucky winner will receive a share of a $100,000 prize pool.

In addition, the betting website is hosting a massive giveaway with a Tesla and a $2,100,000 prize pool as the grand prize.

BC.GAME Coco’s Carnival Giveaway

More exciting surprises await BC.GAME players for this FIFA 2022 World Cup. You can now experience the event much more, believing that you can receive great prizes simply by watching the famous and favorite matches, which you will enjoy!

BC.GAME arranges a huge giveaway with a $2.1M prize pool and a brand-new Tesla. The information for a chance to win the $2.1M prize pool is now available from Nov. 20, 2022, to Dec. 19, 2022. The description for the shining Tesla giveaway can then be made accessible from Nov. 20, 2022, to Dec. 10, 2022.

How do you win the $100K prize pool?

Trying to predict the winning teams of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is now possible, thanks to the BC.GAME. The fans and sports bettors can watch their favorite team and experience one of the most exciting events of 2022. While doing so, they can make their winning guesses and win a $100K prize pool!

The following are the rules for players:

  1. Predictions that are precise and clear;
  2. The game only allows one (1) player per household to participate.
  3. Multiple claims or gamers with combo wagers will be disallowed or disqualified from the special event.
  4. If many players correctly predict the same outcome, the prize pool will be shared evenly.

In addition, all participants with VIP 4 or higher can participate in the event. The predictions have an expiration date of Nov. 26, 2022. Responses received after the closing date will be unavailable because the prediction system will automatically close on the specified date.

All of the above events are now accessible via browsers or mobile phones, according to the most recent BC.GAME update. Furthermore, since the site’s User experience is digitally compatible, players and sports bettors who intend to gamble can do so using their mobile phone’s browser. Moreover, the system acknowledges fiat currency and the cryptocurrencies it supports.

What You Need to Know About BC.GAME?

Aside from the prizes mentioned, the BC.GAME started to advance and form partnerships in order to ensure the best possible experience for its customers. The AFA (Argentine Football Association) has now officially partnered with BC.GAME.

As a result of this collaboration, the crypto casino system has become its crypto casino partner and will endorse the Argentine national team. The said partnership will also offer football fans a fantastic experience of the Fifa World Cup 2022.

Do you want more exciting BC.GAME events? Visit them here!

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